Laser Stubby Spanner (15mm)

Laser Stubby Spanner (15mm)

You will need a 15mm spanner to remove and refit your front or rear wheel (e.g. if you need to repair a puncture). You could use an adjustable spanner, but carrying one with a large enough jaw would require a rather heavy adjustable spanner.

My preference is to carry a much smaller and lighter adjustable spanner for the smaller nuts and bolts holding a Brompton together, and carry a 15mm spanner dedicated to wheel removal and re-fit.

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Lost Lanes West (first impressions)

Lost Lanes West, by Jack Thurston

‘Lost Lanes West’, by Jack Thurston, is an excellent resource, describing thirty-six circular tours, which cover many of the most scenic areas of the south-west of England.

I came across it when browsing the shelves of Mr. B’s Book Emporium (an independent bookshop in Bath), but you can buy signed copies direct from Jack Thurston’s own website.

I was initially drawn to the book’s eye-catching and retro-look cover, which is reminiscent of travel posters from the early decades of the 20th century (cycling’s heyday in the UK?).

Jack commissioned Andrew Pavitt to illustrate the covers of all three of the Lost Lanes books he has already published, giving them an attractive, coordinated look (the other two are ‘Lost Lanes South of England’ and ‘Lost Lanes Wales’). However, one shouldn’t judge a book solely by its cover.

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