Hi there, I’m Mark, an owner of a Brompton and keen to make the most of its abilities. This includes reducing my daily car use, exploring places further afield – both here in the UK where I live and also abroad – and using more public transport in the process.

Most people buy a Brompton for city cycling, either for local trips and/or commuting via train with short hops at each end. That’s probably what Andrew Ritchie had in mind when he designed it back in the 1970s, and that is primarily how it is marketed by the Brompton company now, but Bromptons are capable of so much more.

I bought my Brompton in 2018, when a change of job meant that I was now living only a few miles from my place of work. I could cycle to work, then fold up the bike and store it securely out of the way in a corner of a room … with no need for a lock, secure from any vandalism, and in the warm and dry (less rusting of exposed parts).

But that wasn’t the only reason I bought a Brompton. The other attraction was its compact folded size, making it the perfect bike for venturing further afield, either by bus/coach or train (or in the boot of a car). The more I looked online, the more people I found who had a similar attitude to this remarkable bike … people all over the world.

People take other types of bikes on trains, but rail companies in the UK don’t always make it that easy … and luggage space for even a folding bike can be dire on crowded trains. Conversely, companies like National Express (UK/Europe) usually have plenty of luggage space, they will transport folding bikes without charge, and they are often a significantly cheaper option for long-distance travel than trains if you are not in a rush. My local buses don’t have a problem with carrying a folding bike at all.

There is a lot of useful information about Bromptons available online, but few places in which there is any concentrated body of independent information (note the ‘independent’ … the Brompton website itself is an excellent resource, but its main role is to sell Bromptons, and to provide official support for the brand).

So this is my own attempt to pull together such an independent resource, focused on cycle touring on a Brompton. This includes reviews of various items of equipment and clothing that I use, reviews of books and media covering all things Brompton, and articles reflecting on my own experiences while touring. It’s a work in progress, which will evolve over time.

Please note that Bromptology is not affiliated to Brompton Bicycle Ltd, nor any of its suppliers or dealers. It is a non-commercial website, maintained by a private individual, for the purposes of sharing information about Brompton bicycles and about touring on a Brompton bicycle.