Endura Hummvee cycling mitts (first impressions)

While out cycling the other day (exploring Dorset’s Highlands), it occurred to me that my cycling mitts were nearly 25 years old. The reason that this crossed my mind was because, by the end of my 54-mile day tour, I was noticing a distinct lack of padding in their palms.

To be honest, I cannot recall if they even had much padding when I bought them but, if they did, it became compressed a long time ago. The stitching of a couple of the finger holes had unravelled as well. Overall, they were somewhat worn out, so it was time to investigate options for their replacement.

Out with the old, in with the new …

After some judicious research online, I ordered a pair of ‘Endura Hummvee Plus MTB Mitts II Black‘ from Leisure Lakes Bikes, a family-run business, which is based in the north of England (my local bicycle shop does not stock the Endura brand).

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